SPS6K (6 kW Inverter + 19.2 kWh Battery)

SPS6K (6 kW Inverter + 19.2 kWh Battery)


Our largest power station. A 6 kW continuous (12 kW peak) pure-sine-wave inverter paired with 19.2 kWh of GEL Batteries. Choose your solar array capacity. Commit to full off-grid freedom.

Power your entire home! An All-in-One, Plug-and-Play Solar Power Station with an Inverter, MPPT Solar Charger, AC Charger, Car Charger, Gel Battery Bank, and Comprehensive Protective Features. All Integrated into a free-standing Metal Case.

  • Gel Batteries: 7.2 kWh, 14.4 kWh, 19.2 kWh

  • LiFePO4 Batteries: 10.5 kWh or 21 kWh (Out of Stock)

  • Expandable Battery: Attach any matching battery. Upgrade Battery Storage Capacity!

  • Two inverter options (Waveform is Suitable for sensitive electronics such as medical devices):

    • 5 kW Continuous / 8 kW Peak Low-Frequency Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

    • 6 kW Continuous / 10 kW Peak Low-Frequency Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

  • 9 Output Ports:

    • 4x 120 V AC Wall Plug Outputs

    • 4x 240 V AC L6-30R Outlets

    • 240V & 120V / 25A Hardwired AC Output

  • Hardwired AC Input (240V/35A)

  • Two ways to charge: AC Power and Solar Array / Wind Turbine.

  • Automatic Transfer Switch. When Grid AC Power is lost, inverter starts in <10 ms (True Uninterruptable Power Supply Feature).

  • Smart Fan Control keeps the unit cool, safe, and reliable.

  • Truly Plug-and-Play, meaning less hassle for you and more time to focus on what you need to focus on. Don’t worry about the Power Station - it will practically run itself!

  • Straightforward interface and informative LCD screen lets you operate the power station with ease.

  • Large Form Factor and Heavy Weight makes the SPS6K extremely stable and safe for permanent and semi-permanent installations.

  • Comprehensive safety protection system lets you operate the SPS6K without worrying. PV array under-voltage?  Appliance short-circuited? Device drawing too much power? Temperature too high? Don’t worry, the unit has you covered. You’ll hear an alarm informing you something’s wrong, and any necessary systems will be shut down.

  • Advanced 100A Maximum-Power-Point-Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charger gets the most energy possible out of your solar array .

  • Ideal for Off-Grid Homes, Solar-Powered Cabins, Full-Size Home Battery Backup, Tiny-House Power, Large RV Power, Commercial Use, Farming/Ranching, Industrial Toolsheds, Defense, Off-Grid Stations, and more!