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"We love our Hysolis systems!  Our SPS powers our entire farm house. We also have a smaller unit which powers our well pump.  Our customer experience has been excellent. Riley is a champ!  We had some installation issues and he helped us from across the country even on weekends!  We highly recommend the company and their products."


Steven Marchese 

Blue Ridge, Georgia

(purchased SPS6K and MPS3K August 2021)


"We purchased the Hysolis MPS3K because after much study, we could see it was the best of the big solar generators being offered. We already had a Bluetti AC200P. Nice, but not powerful enough to power all our appliances. We live completely off the grid. So, having a reliable power system is of utmost importance. We have three houses on 4.5 acres of land in Arizona. We charge the MPS3K with nine 220-watt solar panels, 1980 watts.

With 4500 watt hours / 375 amp hours. The Hysolis MPS3K easily powers all of them. We also purchased the expansion battery; this doubles the amount of available power, not that we needed it. I am a firm believer in it's better to have more than you need, than not enough if the need arises. 

We have been using the Hysolis MPS3K since it arrived on September 2021.

Hysolis updated the MPS3K. Now, it has a 30 amp plug and a communication port for adding an expansion battery. So, we purchased the updated version as well. We are very happy with the amazing amount of reliable power the Hysolis MPS3K has provided for us.

Thank you Hysolis!!"

Jhonathon Lavery
Sahuarita, Arizona

(purchased MPS3K September 2021 and again in January 2022)


“I’ve got the power“


"Everyone looking at this is in need of a portable power solution.
I was recently in this same boat.
After doing my fair share of research, I felt confident pulling the trigger on the Hysolis MPS3K with 2 solar panels.
My situation is unique. I’m creating a mobile recording studio out of an old camper. I want to be able to run an air conditioner. I live in Florida, and it is necessary.
I don’t want the restriction of having to be connected to shore power.
Most set ups would not give me the required juice to run a full Camper AC and also have power to spare.
I was a complete noob. 
That is one of the main reasons I went with this, as it was plug and play right out of the box. 
Also I can’t say enough about the customer support that I received. Every time I had a question I got an answer very quickly.
The studio is still “under construction“, but I have had it out for multiple nights giving this solar generator a full test. Not only did it outperform and giving me the energy that I need but it regained its strength at super fast speeds.
I plan on purchasing more in the future And I fully recommend the Hysolis MPS3K as a solution for your mobile power needs!"


Jason Bostow
Tampa, FL

(purchased MPS3K September 2021)

Thank you Steve, Jhon, Jason, and all the rest of our Hysolis customers for your encouraging feedback so far! We WILL continue to work for you all and provide you with the most reliable offgrid energy solutions available!

- The Hysolis Team

San Diego, CA